Reasons Why People Choose Us

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If you have a good business or project and you need funding or financial instruments, you only want to work with the most reliable, efficient, honest and trustworthy providers.

At Kingrise Finance Limited, our motto is WE KEEP OUR PROMISE. We are genuine, Honest and Reliable and most importantly, we keep our promise.

business loans, sme finacing- Kingrise Finance Limited
SME Real Estate Loans By Kingrise Finance Limited

So These Are Some Of The Reasons Why People Chose Kingrise Finance Limited! 

1. UNRIVALED AUTHENTICITY & CREDIBILITY: Kingrise Finance Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong on 22-SEP-1999 as a Government Licensed Money Lender with CR No.: 0689078, under The Money Lenders Ordinance. We  are authorized by the government to provide Loans and Financial Instruments to customers worldwide. We have expertise in all aspects of Project Financing, Issuing and Monetization of Bank Instruments.  

2. WE KEEP OUR PROMISE: And that is why we have no failed transaction till date. With us you can be rest assured that we will get the job done; and on time, with no false promises. And if we do not find your project attractive enough, we will tell you or we find you alternative funding solution.

3. BANK INSTRUMENTS: All our bank instruments such as bank guarantees (BG), standby letter of credit (sblc/sloc) are issued from Top AAA Rated Banks such as HSBC, Barclays Bank, UBS, CITI Bank, Standard Chartered Bank.

4. LOAN AMOUNTS: From 1 Million USD to 500 Million US$. Competitive Low rates plus No prepayment penalty. Above all, we have solution for every customer in every industry.

5. PROJECT FUNDING: Our Project Funding Extends to All Aspects of Construction such as Road and Bridge Construction, Hotel Construction and Renovation, Housing Development, Condo, Shopping Malls, Real Estate, Recreational Parks. Also Funding Business Projects Like Imports and Exports, Mining, Oil & Gas, Maritime Projects, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Aviation, and many more.

6. 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We have developed an extensive resume of satisfied clients throughout the world.

7. 100% SAFE & SECURE: We do not share your private information or transaction with third parties.
8. EXPERIENCE: 20 Years of Experience & Trust | Fast Approvals & Fast Funding.

9. SPEED: We are fast and efficient, closing in as little as 5 days for loans.

Kingrise Finance Limited-
Kingrise Finance Limited-

We would welcome the chance to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

If you are interested to work with us kindly contact us immediately using the below contact form or via Email:

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