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What Is A Real Estate Loan

A real estate loan is financing used to purchase a property. There are many types of real estate loan and each loan type will come with different types of requirements such as interest rates, repayment duration, grace period etc.

While real estate loans most commonly refer to traditional mortgages, there are actually a number of ways to finance a property.

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Please note that Real Estate Loan is Different From SBA Loan:

Real Estate Investment Loans

A real estate investment loan simply refers to financing that is used to purchase an investment property, rather than a primary residence. While there are a few loans that cannot be applied to investment properties, investors have access to a large number of financing options. Here are a few types of real estate investment loans to look into:

  • Traditional Loans: Traditional loans, or mortgages, are granted by banks and other lending institutions. These loans typically have approval standards based on your personal financial history, and they often fail to take future rental income into account. With traditional loans, investors are also required to put 20 percent down on a property (or pay private mortgage insurance). 
  • Private Money: This loan type refers to investors lending capital to other investors. The incentive for providing a private money loan is to earn money through interest as it is paid back. This setup is common among real estate investors because the approval timeline is often quicker (and in some cases more relaxed) than other financing options.
  • Existing Home Equity: Another option available to investors is to tap into their existing home equity. This can be done through a home equity loan, a home equity line of credit (HELOC), or a cash out refinance. Each of these three options have slightly different approval requirements and loan stipulations but they essentially operate the same. Investors who use these loan types are essentially able to tap into their existing equity to purchase another property. 

Hard Money Loans For Real Estate

Hard money loans in real estate are a good option for investors hoping to secure access to financing without going through a lengthy approval process. Unlike a traditional real estate loan, hard money loans are secured by collateral (rather than a borrower’s ability to repay). This means if the borrower were to default on loan payments the lender would sell the asset—in this case a property. Hard money loans are known to have high interest rates and typically only last from one to five years. However, they remain an attractive option for real estate investors hoping to secure short term real estate loans.

Crowdfunding Real Estate Loans

Crowdfunding real estate loans allow investors to finance deals using smaller contributions from multiple potential lenders. Crowdfunding transactions are typically completed online, and can be done using a number of social media platforms. The appeal of crowdfunding a deal is that it allows real estate investors to expand their network while also utilizing a nontraditional finance option. Crowdfunding real estate loans also allow investors to promote their businesses, as they are marketing the success of given deals.

[If you want to learn more about real estate crowdfunding, be sure to check out KINGRISE FINANCE LIMITED BLOG.]


Real Estate Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are temporary financing options secured by an investor’s existing property. They can be used to buy new real estate before the previous property sells. This set up allows investors or homebuyers to “bridge” the gap from one property to another without worrying about simultaneously selling and buying. There are a few drawbacks to bridge loans, particularly the fact that they can be more expensive than utilizing other loan options. Borrowers will also be responsible for payments on their existing mortgage or loan, in addition to the bridge loan.

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Real Estate Loan- Kingrise Finance Limited


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   Why Choose Us?

  • Fast Turnaround
  • Best Top Rated Banks
  • Competitive Low rates
  • No prepayment penalty
  • 2 Days for Commitment
  • Extremely Satisfied Clients
  • 20 Years of Experience & Trust
  • No Personal Collateral Required
  • Solutions for every customer & every industry.
  • Loan amounts from $1 million to no maximum.
  • Fast Approvals & Fast Funding- Closing in as little as 5 days

BROKERS WANTED: We welcome brokers who are direct to the client. New brokers are welcomed and are rewarded with 2% commission on every deal they bring to us, but you must be direct to the client and not in broker chains. We do not get involved with daisy chain of brokers, neither do we tolerate scammers, jokers and time wasters.

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