Free BG/SBLC Without Upfront Fees

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Are you looking for a bank or bank instrument provider that will issue you a bg bank guarantee or standby letter of credit (sblc) free of charge without any upfront fees? Well we may have found you a solution. This article will open your eyes so you know the TRUTH and the LIES. It will also help you to know what is possible and what is not possible. Below we will talk about bg/sblc no upfront no transmission.

Kingrise Finance Limited is compelled to write this explosive article because so many people are under the false illusion that they can successfully close a BG/SBLC bank instrument transaction free of charge without spending any front money. From our research findings, we discovered that a vast majority are people who have never closed a bg/sblc deal before but believe there is a possibility that such deals can be successfully completed without paying any upfront fees. While there are so many people who are victims of upfront fee scams and have made a decision never to pay any upfront fee again.
The truth is, we are not happy that a genuine customer lost money to some losers. Oops sorry that’s harsh, but we need to call a spade a spade. It is losers that are ruining the reputation of this bank instrument industry. And because of these losers, genuine customers are now scared, they don’t know who to trust again. I get it, once bitten, twice shy. But let’s face the reality, that you have lost money to some losers doesn’t mean that a bank or lender will give you FREE MONEY, it doesn’t work like that.

Is Free Bank Instrument; Free BG SBLC Without Upfront Fee Possible. 
The answer is Capital NO.

Why Can’t I get the BG SBLC Without Any Upfront fees? Simply because banks do not work for free. And also because you will need to pay the upfront fee to qualify for the transaction.

Perhaps, you could first start from your bank. Contact your bank where you have been banking for years and ask them if they could send you a free bg/sblc or send you Swift MT799 or Swift MT760 for free without spending any upfront fee. If your bank couldn’t do it for you for free it means that such a freebie is not possible.

SIMPLE EXAMPLE: You cannot tell an airline to fly you to your destination before you pay, it doesn’t work like that. You will first need to purchase an airline ticket before you board an airplane. If I want to travel from Hong Kong to London I have to first buy a plane ticket, no airline will take me to London before I pay. Same scenario is applicable to bank instrument transactions.

There is no such thing as free BG or free sblc with no front money or upfront fee payment. This is just joker-broker nonsense. If anyone could sit in their homes or offices, send emails to a bank or bank instrument provider and within days or weeks FREE multi million or multi billion dollar BG/SBLC will be issued to the customer for free, without paying any front money, everyone in the world will be a Millionaire. There is no free money anywhere in the world.No free lunch in the world. Free bg sblc is not possible. If free BG/SBLC is possible, everyone in the world will be a billionaire.

Before engaging any company in a loan, bg, lc or sblc transaction, you need to make sure that they are legit, and that they can do what they say they can do. Carry out some extensive DD on the company, find out if its a legally registered company and also check how many years they have been in the business. Personally I wouldn’t trust my money with a new company or one that is a few years old. I will rather work with reputable companies that have been providing Loan, BG/SBLC services for decades, Reputation is everything. If they have been providing this service for years, it means that they can be trusted, but if they are a few years old i advise that you think twice and be very cautious.

Top 14 Reasons Why People Fail with Financial Instruments Transactions:

Free BG/SBLC Without Upfront Fees | Kingrise Finance Limited

1. Customers Procedure: Almost everyday we receive offers from brokers claiming that a certain customer wants a BG or SBLC issued according to the customer’s own terms and conditions. Obviously this is not POSSIBLE; Banks do not work according to a borrowers terms. If you need a loan, BG, DLC or SBLC you have to follow the bank or lenders procedures, terms and conditions.
People who have never closed a real transaction before create a complex set of financial instrument procedures and then engage dozens of brokers to trawl the internet as a their speed dating service trying to find another party to match their procedure. This is the playbook of an amateur which will not yield any positive result.  Customers ill-conceived procedures such as PROVIDER MOVES FIRST, SEND SWIFTS FIRST BEFORE WE PAY ANY FEES ETC are a complete waste of time. You cannot walk into a bank and tell the bank to give you a loan or bank instrument under your own terms, it is IMPOSSIBLE.

2. Bank Endorsed Deed of Agreement (DOA): Banks do not endorse fee agreements, BG/SBLC deed of agreement contracts or LOIs. This action would place a financial liability on the bank and they cannot and will not incur that liability on behalf of their depositors. So if you received any offer or document from anyone claiming it has been endorsed by the bank kindly run for your life because it is FAKE. Do not allow LAIRS and JOKER BROKERS deceive you. I repeat, banks do not endorse BG/SBLC doa documents. 

3. Price Shoppers – People are lured in by fake artificially low prices of financial instruments offered by scammers. Most clients say our leasing fee is high and that some other brokers or providers in another country have promised to do the job for much less amount. The truth is, when a scammer isn’t delivering anything real they can afford to offer you the deal of the century! Price Shopping clients will always get a bargain that will cost them a fortune so BEWARE.

4. Greedy Billion Billion Gangs: As a result of the post-September 11 rules on wire transfers of funds, it is no longer possible for buyers to move cash funds in amounts over US$500M without the funds being stopped and investigated. Accordingly, offers that set forth tranches of $1b, $5b, $20b and more, are just pure nonsense. Several times we have received offers from people claiming they need 900 BILLION Dollar BG/SBLC. That’s absolute TRASH. Once we receive an offer talking about BILLIONS we just know that it is coming from a joker broker or unserious customer. A real client will start small and grow big. Most of the people who troll the internet with multi billion dollar BG/SBLC offers do not have $10,000 of their own money in their bank account. Greed and Ignorance will make you lose your sense of reasoning. Many people don’t want to hear these things because truth hurts but we will keep saying the truth regardless. 

5. Free BG/SBLC Without Upfront Fees – Many people are under the false illusion that they can close a BG or SBLC transaction free of charge without spending any money upfront. They want the Funder or bank instrument provider to pay the upfront fees so that they can complete the financial transaction for FREE, taking no risk and investing none of their own money. Those types of free deals do not exist in the real world, if they did there won’t be any poor man in the world today. Banks have NEVER sent multimillion dollar assets to customers for FREE and then hope the customer pays them later. This would be financial lunacy! We have offered a reward for years to ANY customer that can show us evidence they made millions from completing a no upfront fee deal. Not 1 person has ever claimed the reward! Please Don’t believe in fairytales.

6.  BPU (Bank Payment Undertaken): Banks do not issue BPU to enable a customer to get a financial instrument without paying upfront fee. This is just joker-broker and uninformed customer nonsense. You don’t believe me? Well contact your banker and ask questions. I am a seasoned banker that has worked with some of the world’s biggest banks such as HSBC, Barclays etc so I know.

7. ICBPO: ICBPO means Irrevocable Conditional Bank Pay Order. Banks do not issue irrevocable conditional bank purchase orders (ICBPO), or any purchase orders, period. Many joker brokers and uninformed clients think they can close a deal with ICBPO. ICBPO is banned and illegal. In fact, a bank is precluded from incurring any liability on behalf of a depositor. And, the words “irrevocable conditional” form an oxymoron. No western world bank will issue a MT543, as it is a liability on behalf of the bank. In fact, as of September 1, 2003, the MT543 is gone from the banking world. This is just joker-broker and uninformed customer nonsense. You don’t believe me? Well contact your banker and ask questions. 

8. Issuing banks do not enter into agreements to sell their financial instruments and the buyer’s banks do not enter into agreements to purchase the financial instruments. The agreement is always between the buyer and the seller. And no banker or securities officer is going to act on behalf of the buyer or seller until and unless there is an agreement in place. 

9. Customer’s confidential documents (passport, resolution, client information sheet, banking coordinates) are not sent through the brokers’ network. This always results in the documents being shopped around the world. These and any other sensitive documents should be sent on a principal to principal basis.

10. Bank guarantees are never on any screen (DTC or Euroclear) for screening, authentication or settlement. All BGs must be transacted via standard non-Euroclear DVP protocol settlement procedures.

11. Medium term notes (MTNs) are only on Euroclear, not on DTC, for screening, authentication and settlement. All MTNs and bonds on Euroclear must be transacted via standard Euroclear DVP protocol settlement procedures.

12. MT760 is not a proof of funds, blocking of funds, movement of funds or settlement document. It only has one purpose. Its purpose is for the actual movement of the bank guarantee (not MTNs or bonds) from the seller’s bank officer to the buyer’s bank officer.

13. MT799 is a simple text message, sent bank to bank. In this business, this is used for a bank to bank proof of funds, only. The MT799 is not a form of payment and it is not a bank undertaking or promise to pay. It is simply a bank to bank confirmation of the funds on deposit, nothing more.

 14. There is no such thing as slightly seasoned instruments. Instruments are either fresh cut (new issue that has not been registered with a buyer) or they are seasoned (instruments that have already been sold to one or more buyers). While the price of seasoned instruments can vary, the fact that they are either seasoned or not seasoned is binary in nature.

Important Information: This is for information purposes and the aim is to educate you to know what is real and what is not. If you have any additional questions concerning our services please do not hesitate to contact us further.  Be rest assured that we are here to help you succeed. Always remember that our Motto is: We Keep Our Promise!

How To Obtain Bank Instruments (BG,SLOC /SBLC) and complete Real BG/SBLC Funding without long stories!

BG and SBLC are financial instruments issued by banks and other financial institutions such as Kingrise Finance Limited. These financial instruments are used  to secure contracts, the are also used for trade financing,  foreign exchange transactions as well as in import and export transactions.

Kingrise Finance Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong on 22-SEP-1999 as a Government Licensed Money Lender with CR No.: 0689078. We are leading providers of Business Loan, SME Loans, Project Financing, Recourse Loan, Non Recourse Loans and Bank Financial Instruments such as Standby Letter of Credit Funding, Bank Guarantee, Performance Guarantee Bond, Tender Bond Guarantee, Advance Payment Guarantee, Bank Comfort Letter, BG/CD/BD/BCL/DLC/LOC/SLOC/SBLC etc.

Our bank instruments, bg and sblc/sloc are issued from prime banks such as Barclays Bank London, Standard Chattered Bank, HSBC Hong Kong or any rated AAA bank of your choice. All our financial instruments are Cash-Backed and can be used as collateral to secure funding for projects, Discounting, Monetization and Private Placement Programs (PPP)..

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